Cuba – Mayelin Gonzales

Cuba – Mayelin Gonzales

Winds of freedom somehow are perceived by many people in the island of Cuba

People in Cuba live with the expectation that with the changes that are taking place in this island, things will be better. During many years, this country could not experience many things that happened in other places of the world. However, not any more. The present Cuban generation are witnessing[…]

Aníbal & Mayelín Gonzalez – October 2013

Along with the Director of Spanish World Ministries, we recently visited several radio listeners in three eastern provinces of Cuba. We first went to Holguin, a town that has been blessed with several Christian churches, but where there is still a need to reach many with the Gospel. In this[…]

Anibal & Mayelín Gonzalez – May 2013

Anibal and Mayelin traveled through several cities in the central and eastern regions of Cuba visiting people that have written expressing their desire to learn more about God. Some of the people visited were believers already.  Such was the case with Israel, who has known the Lord for several years.[…]

Mayelín González – July 2012

My wife and I are thankful to the Lord for the new opportunities of ministry that He has opened for us. At the end of last year the leaders of our church invited my husband to take the position of Senior Pastor. He accepted and we have felt God’s presence[…]

Cuba – Anibal & Mayelín Peña

We praise the Lord because our missionaries in Cuba were able to travel to the U.S. to share about the presence of our radio ministry in their country. They were invited by a local church in Warsaw to attend a missionary conference. Since they were in the area, the Lord[…]

Cuba – Mayelin Gonzales

Since we do not have local radio stations transmitting our programs in Cuba, I visit people who write to us after listening to Trans World Radio.  Many of those that I visited on my most recent trip told me that they have heard our programs for several years. Others had[…]