Uruguay – Eduardo Peirano

Uruguay – Eduardo Peirano

Only 11% of the population claim to be Evangelicals in Uruguay

During the first part of this year Eduardo visited 19 radio stations to introduce our programs. Five station were added to our data base increasing to 60 the number of stations broadcasting our programs. This numbers acquire a special relevance when according to the last census 47% of the population[…]

Eduardo and Noreen Peirano – October 2013

Moral values are declining dramatically in Uruguay. At times it seems that regardless of the effort of Christians in proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, it does not reach the hearts of those walking in darkness. The right to abortion and same sex marriages have been approved by congress over[…]

Eduardo Peirano – May 2013

Washington is a believer that attends Eduardo’s church and travels throughout Uruguay promoting his business. When he invited Eduardo to accompany him on a trip to four different provinces, Eduardo knew that this would benefit the ministry, and being careful with his travel expense fund, he accepted. Just before arriving[…]

Eduardo Peirano – July 2012

Six radio stations have been visited within the last three months. Three of them were visited for the first time and the owners have confirmed their transmission. Our prayer is that they will agree to have the programs on a regular basis. Another station that cancelled the transmission of our[…]

Uruguay – Eduardo & Noreen Peirano

During the second part of the 2011 Eduardo visited 15 stations and introduced our ministry in five churches. As a result of his efforts the Gospel is broadcasted in 68 radio stations in Uruguay, a country with the highest percentage of atheists. Characterized by a secularist society, stations visited by[…]

Uruguay – Eduardo Peirano

Out of thirteen stations that I visited for the first time, five of them agreed to transmit the programs. Four churches allowed me to introduce our ministry and to encourage the believers to pray for those who are coming to the Lord as a result of the transmission of the[…]