Cuba – Mayelin Gonzales

Mayelin & Anibal with Nélida

Since we do not have local radio stations transmitting our programs in Cuba, I visit people who write to us after listening to Trans World Radio.  Many of those that I visited on my most recent trip told me that they have heard our programs for several years. Others had just recently begun to hear us, and felt the need to learn more, therefore they contacted us. In both cases, every person that we visited said that they have learned more about the Scriptures thanks to the clear exposition of the passages. Sonia said that for years our programs have helped her to grow spiritually.  Presently she teaches a Sunday school class in a local church, and she is interested in receiving a Bible study through correspondence. We will be making arrangements to fulfill her desire. Nélida is another faithful listener. She shared that she is dealing with some sort of cancer. In spite of this, she said that she never misses any of our programs. Every Saturday night, she always turns on her radio to listen to the program, either at her house or at the hospital. I was able to spend a wonderful time praying with her.

Melva & Mayelin

Melva is another lady that we have contacted in the past. During our visit she said that since she received the CD with our programs, she has been using the programs in a women’s Bible study and also with some other believers in her church.
We are thankful that the programs benefit people, not only through the radio, but also through believers such as Melva, who use them as an evangelistic tool among her friends and instruction for others believers.

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