Cuba – Anibal & Mayelín Peña

Anibal & Mayelin sharing in a church in Warsaw, Indiana

We praise the Lord because our missionaries in Cuba were able to travel to the U.S. to share about the presence of our radio ministry in their country. They were invited by a local church in Warsaw to attend a missionary conference. Since they were in the area, the Lord opened the opportunity for them to share in ten churches, for small groups and with a youth group about the different ways that God is opening more outlets for the proclamation of the Gospel in Cuba. Certainly, the radio waves are not open yet in Cuba, but the Lord is using mightily our programs through TransWorld Radio. In 2011 Mayelín received more than ten letters from radio listeners. All of them expressed the blessing that our programs represent for their lives. We praise Him because a group number of believers were exposed and challenged to support our ministry in Cuba.

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