Mayelín González – July 2012

My wife and I are thankful to the Lord for the new opportunities of ministry that He has opened for us. At the end of last year the leaders of our church invited my husband to take the position of Senior Pastor. He accepted and we have felt God’s presence in this new stage in our lives. The leaders and the congregation have been supporting the changes that my husband has been implementing. Our major emphasis has been the proclamation of the Gospel in evident ways in the town of Moa. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter week, have been important dates to mobilize the believers and to invite friends and relatives who do not know the Lord to evangelistic events. During Easter week we organized a representation of the passion of Christ on Saturday night. The event lasted the whole the night and it ended with a Worship service of victory with an early morning service. In spite of the rain and the fact that the event was going to last all the night, many people that do not know Christ as their Savior, accepted the invitation. Several dozen accept Christ as their Savior with this outreach. This new responsibility for my husband has brought some challenges for us as a family, but we are certain that the Lord called us to be an example to this congregation. We will appreciate your prayers for the different opportunities that He is opening to have a greater impact in our community.

Gloria’s husband

In regards to the radio ministry, God gave us the opportunity to travel to Havana to visit some radio listeners along with our Director, Daniel Sandoval. Unfortunately, most of the people that we visited were not at home, or have moved to other places. We decided to visit Gloria. She was a believer that we visited around five years ago. As we got to her house, her husband opened the door and invited us to come in. He shared that Gloria went to the presence of the Lord two years ago. We could sense a deep sense of sorrow in this man’s heart. We shared some passages from the Scriptures, and prayed with him. As we were leaving he expressed that our visit represented a huge blessing for him. Certainly, the Word spoke to his heart. Just as this man, a lot of people all over Cuba need words of encouragement. Since our programs are reaching several regions of our country, our prayer is that the seed planted in the hearts will result in salvation of many souls.

As a part of our efforts to make a follow up to radio listeners, we visited the leader of another important ministry in Cuba. Together we realized that in light of the present situation in Cuba, people are having the need to hear the good news of salvation in Christ. Thus, we decided to keep looking for better opportunities to keep supporting the doors that the Lord is opening in our country to help more people not only get to know Christ, but even help believers grow in their spiritual lives.

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