Listeners in Cuba testifies that every time they hear our programs they feel that God is reminding them that they are not alone

Mayelin praying with Maria

Knowing that a political system is not capable to satisfy the spiritual need of the people in Cuba, and being fully aware about the current changes that are taking place in this island, as a ministry we continue trying to bring the Gospel into several areas of this country. For decades, radio has been an effective tool to proclaim the spiritual truths thanks to the broadcasting of programs through Trans World Radio. Hundreds of people have been confronted with the reality of the existence of God, and the importance of taking seriously the spiritual aspect in their lives. Thanks to the testimonies of people that have heard our programs, and that have contacted us, we can see how God is changing hearts of people that otherwise would have never known about the love of God. That is the case of Maria, a radio listener who is dealing with several stressful situations. She is having to take care of Martha, her older sister. Martha is dealing with a physical illness that requires constant care, and Maria, who is her only relative, had to quit her job to take care of her. The government is helping them with a very small financial aid. The medicines and the treatments that Martha receives are free, but they are not helping her to improve her condition. Maria barely have time to rest since she is constantly having to watch after her sister. Without any other source of income, other than the small amount given by the government, and having to constantly watch for her sister, Maria’s future seems hopeless. Few months ago, our missionaries Anibal and Mayelin visited Maria. As she opened her door and invited them to seat in the living room, her face reflected the loneliness and the weariness, but when Mayelin explained her that they were visiting her to bring some material and to pray for her, her expression changed completely. She said that every time they listen to our programs, they feel that God is reminding them that they are not alone, and that the Lord is their stronghold.

Mayelin and Anibal

For the last five decades, the government in Cuba has declared that the radio waves are closed for the proclamation of the Gospel. But for almost forty years, our mighty God is giving us the opportunity to bring hope to people that need spiritual encouragement. People in this island are not only listening to our programs, but are also challenged to persevere in their walk with Christ as our missionaries Anibal and Mayelín travel through different regions of the Cuba to visit radio listeners. As radio listeners are visited, our missionaries provide them Christian literature and try to introduce them to churches with sound doctrine.

Besides serving with Spanish World Ministries, Anibal is the pastor of the First Church of Moa, and Mayelin is actively serving as leader with the women’s ministry and with the teenagers.

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