Florent Toirac

Florent Toirac

After 28 years as a missionary to Cuba, Haiti, France, and Spain, Florent Toirac, a Cuban national, well aware of the difficulties of reaching the masses in remote areas, and convinced that radio was a way to reach them, established Spanish World Gospel Broadcasting with the radio program, El Camino de la Vida (“The Way of Life”).Initially it was broadcasted from Tangier (North Africa) into Spain, and later taken to Latin America where an expansion of the transmissions began to take place. To accomplish the discipleship process, national missionaries were added to the ministry. These were supported through ministry partners in the USA, and were periodically supplied with literature, New Testaments, and Bibles to assist them in their evangelistic efforts. With expansion of nationals and literature, the ministry’s name was then changed to Spanish World Gospel Mission.

Cornelius Rivera

Cornelio Rivera

Mr. Toirac died in 1989 and Cornelius Rivera became Executive Director in 1991 until the end of 2010. During his time as Director he provided vision to our ministry by expanding the radio outreach by assigning to the national missionaries the responsibility of finding the radio stations for airing the broadcasts, duplicating the programs, distributing them, and monitoring their transmission in their countries. At the present Cornelius continues with the production of our two radio programs for their distribution by our missionaries.  He also teaches at the Seminary for Expository Teaching in Honduras. In summer of 2010 he published a commentary in Spanish on three of the Minor Prophets. His desire is to be able to write about other books of which there is little or nothing written by way of exegetical commentaries in Spanish.

Daniel Sandoval

Daniel Sandoval

After serving as a pastor in a church in the northern part of Mexico, in 2002 Daniel joined Spanish World Ministries as the Ministry Coordinator.
For eight years he was in charge of coordinating, training, and overseeing the work of our national missionaries. Since January of 2011 he was appointed as director of this ministry.
Besides the administrative position he remains in contact on a daily basis with the missionaries and also is seeking to establish contact with churches and individuals to promote what the Lord is doing through this ministry.



A hurricane that devastated Honduras in 1998 became the opportunity for a humanitarian work which has resulted in establishing a small community, a church, a medical clinic, and a missionary training center. The construction project has almost been completed, but the facilities are currently operated on a limited basis only, until such time as the necessary funding for a more regular operation becomes available. In addition three other congregations have been established in Honduras, and our national missionary in Argentina has been instrumental in planting a congregation in Argentina. The mission is now known as Spanish World Ministries, reflecting our multi-faceted global outreach.

Missionary team

The missionary team has grown to 19 missionaries, ministering in 15 countries. We reach Cuba through radio from Bon Aire in the Netherlands Antilles, as well as with a national missionary on the Island itself, who visits those who have written in response to the radio broadcasts. The radio outreach, however, is present in every Spanish speaking country. With more than 50 years proclaiming the Gospel through radio, the original 15 minute program “El Camino de la Vida”, and a short 3 minute broadcast “Reflexión Para Hoy” introduced in 2004, are heard in almost 1600 stations, approximately 12,000 per week, in all the Spanish speaking countries. The plan for the immediate future is to add national missionaries in the countries where Spanish World does not currently have representatives. These are: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

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    I am doing research on Mr, Toirac. Can you tell me the date of his death, and where he is buried?? Thank you so very much. Also is there a plaque in honor of him at Winona Lake conference center.


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