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The proliferation of immoral values keeps corrupting every aspect of the society in Mexico

The proliferation of immoral values keeps corrupting every aspect of the society in Mexico. That is why as a ministry our desire is to keep assisting the local churches in this country, just as in the rest of the Spanish speaking countries, in the urgent task of taking the Gospel to as many people as possible. Aland Guillen keeps working in visiting pastor to let them know about the evangelistic tools that we are producing. Within the last five months he has been able to visit eight churches. He also attended two important conferences for pastors. As a result of these efforts two more radio stations are airing our programs, one in Zacatecas and other in Guadalajara. David Franco has continue the development of our App for smart devices. As David and Aland share about our App, many pastors and believers are discovering an important evangelistic tool to take the Gospel to relatives and friends that are living their lives with despair and without any hope. We will appreciate your prayers for those in Mexico that are having the opportunity to hear the message of salvation through the radio or through their smart devices. Our total confidence is that God will help David and Aland to keep overcoming any obstacle that the enemy sets before them.

Mexicans seem to be fed up with the reality of being living in a pervasive state of corruption and impunity

According to the Mexico’s National Statistics Institute, in 2013, the number of homicides was 22,703 and 1,633 kidnappings took place. Unfortunately, the things have not improved in this country. Just two months ago, a large group of students were heading out of the city of Iguala. Outside the city several members of this group came […]


Pastors in Mexico are using audios as a tool to contribute to spiritual growth in their congregations

  To have our programs aired in radio stations in Mexico remains a great challenge. At times it seems like an impossible task, but our missionary Aland Guillen continues promoting the programs among pastors and leaders of churches in different regions in the northern and central part of Mexico. Within the first part of the […]