Argentina – Daniel Sarmiento

We rejoice in the Lord for giving us the strength and peace to serve Him despite Carolina’s physical condition. She requires full attention from the whole the family.  The extreme back pain is due to two completely deteriorated disks. Her bone structure has been affected by the chemotherapy.  We are now waiting to have another liver test and the possibility of a third round of chemo.  In the midst of this we have seen God’s faithful presence. Within the last three months I have been able to contact 19 radio stations, two of them for the first time. Praise the Lord that both of them are now transmitting our programs. One station is located in Villa Angela, in the province of Chaco, a region where we only had two stations. To have another one is a great blessing!  The station owner told me that she heard our programs in another station and she liked the exposition of Scripture. Thus she also wanted the broadcasts.  She also helped me to contact another believer in the town of Resistencia that owns a radio station who also agreed to broadcast the programs.

Carolina Sarmiento sharing about the radio ministry through a video conference with a church in Buenos Aires

The population in this town is about 300,000 people. We pray that many people in this region will respond to the salvation message.

A group of ladies from a church in the province of Buenos Aires who knew about the radio ministry contacted us through Skype. Their main interest was to find out about Carol’s physical condition. But in the video conference she was able to inform them not only about her health, but also about our service through Spanish World Ministries. The people in this church are now committed to regularly pray for my wife and for the expansion of the radio ministry.    Thank you for your intercession on our behalf.  Please pray specifically that the Lord would ease up the pain and extreme discomfort that Carol has undergone during this year.

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