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Paul knew the challenges of preaching the Gospel in the Greco-Roman world, where the message of the risen savior would be met with a great deal of opposition. Likewise, brother Toirac knew that such a task would not be easy in the Spanish speaking countries either. Traditions die hard, and that attitude remains in a few countries, especially in small towns where the authority of the traditional religion is still felt. In the larger cities, a certain secularistic attitude has begun to permeate the mind, particularly among the younger generations. Nevertheless, from its beginning, the ministry of Spanish World, with its emphasis on radio, has made great inroads in getting to the hearts of people. The internet, and especially our incursion into the IPhone era have been used by the Lord to continue to reach people in every corner and area of the Spanish speaking world. Like Paul, we remain eager to preach the Gospel to them.

Our Work for the Local Churches

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Spanish World Ministries

New Headquaters

Spanish World Ministries was established in 1959. Our founder, Florent Toirac had one specific goal in mind: to preach the Gospel to the Spanish-speaking world. In the early ’70s, brother Toirac and the board of Directors inaugurated the SWM headquarters located at the corner of Pierceton Road and CR250 East in Winona Lake. For nearly five decades, this building stood as a recognizable landmark for local residents. Thousands of Bibles and evangelistic materials were sent from this building to Latin America. Hundreds of radio programs, intended to reach as many hearts as possible with the Gospel through radio, were recorded by Florent Toirac. Later, Cornelius Rivera expanded the recording and sending from this place to thousands of broadcasts. With the tremendous inroads in technology, a decentralization of our production and recording operations, as well as the missionaries’ skills in working with the new technology, it was no longer necessary, nor economically feasible to maintain a large building to fulfill our ministry. Thus, the board of Directors decided that this was the proper time to dispose of the property on Pierceton Rd. Seeking to be faithful stewards of the resources with which the Lord entrusts us, we praise Him for providing us with a new location. As of March 1st, we have moved to 2236 Hendricks St. Warsaw, Indiana. Our mailing address remains the same: P.O. Box 542 Winona Lake, IN 46590.

Proclaiming the Gospel

To all the Spanish Speaking World

For sixty years, Spanish World Ministries has functioned under the premise that the Lord Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to preach the Gospel, and that this is the activity in which those who believe in Him are to be occupied during the present age. Considering that we have been given stewardship to disseminate the salvation message among the Spanish speaking people of the world, we endeavor to carry out our mission and pursue our objective with constant and persistent determination until He comes.  The Lord has opened for us several doors to reach thousands of people with the Gospel every day, through Radio Programs Production, App and Media, Audio Production in Quechua and Guarani, Outreaching in Cuba and National Missionaries.

The message for all

Reaching Cuba and Venezuela

Immersed in political and economical issues for decades, Cuba and Venezuela have presented several challenges through the years for Christians and for those willing to take the Gospel to cuban and venezuelan people.

By God’s grace, our programs have played an essential role in the salvation of many in this countries. 

Going further

Translating the message to Guarani and Quechua

Three years ago, the translation and production of our programs in Quechua and Guarani became a reality. Over 18 million people speak these two languages in different countries in South America. Since we initiated the production and distribution of the programs in these languages, 145 stations in Guarani, and 130 stations in Quechua have accepted to broadcast our materials.


Acomplished by God's grace

By providing the Local Church and Radio Stations with evangelistic radio programs for more than 60 years, and now with an App, Website and using Whatsapp and YouTube Channel as well as a Facebook page, the Lord has blessed our ministry by reaching thousands every week, but there’s plenty to do and we need you to partner with us!

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Our Mission, Objective & Work

About Us

Our Mission

To assist local churches in the Spanish speaking world, to carry out the ministry of communicating the Gospel of Christ, and to edify thoese who believe. 

Our Beliefs

Our Objective

To accomplish our mission by producing and distributing radio broadcasts, financially supporting national missionaries, providing Christian literature, and employing any other means that will bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History

What We Do

We produce evangelistic audio messages for Radio broadcast, Social Media posting and App streaming, all made available for free, to local Churches, Radio Stations and individuals. We promote them through our national missionaries.

Our Work

What you can do

You can proclaim the Gospel to the Spanish speaking people by partnering with us! Help us spread the Good News by supporting our missionaries, our translating projects and special funds, so that we keep advancing the Gospel!

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