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Current economic, political and social crisis in Venezuela is causing a total lack of faith and hope among millions of people

Our conviction as a ministry is that now more than never, people in Venezuela most hear about Christ. Certainly, the current economic, political and social crisis in Venezuela is causing a total lack of faith and hope among millions of people that have to deal with a huge wave of[…]


Winds of freedom somehow are perceived by many people in the island of Cuba

People in Cuba live with the expectation that with the changes that are taking place in this island, things will be better. During many years, this country could not experience many things that happened in other places of the world. However, not any more. The present Cuban generation are witnessing[…]


“We do not accept religious material” this type of answer is heard every time when our missionary in Uruguay tries to visit radio stations

When our missionaries visit secular radio stations to introduce our programs, quite often the immediate answer is “we do not accept religious material”. In a secularist society as Uruguay, Eduardo hears this type of answer every time he tries to establish contact with the directors of the radio stations. However,[…]


Know the impact caused through our programs to a family in Peru

About four years ago, the Florian family had to move from the town of Chocofan to Trujillo, since one of their children had an accident and required a long medical treatment. For several months, they listened to our programs through Radio Integridad, a radio station that belongs to the church[…]


Moving forward with Radio & Media

A wide door for effective service has opened to us!

In his quest to preach the gospel, Paul recognized the opportunities placed before him. To the Corinthians he said that he would remain in Ephesus because a great and effective door had been opened to him (1 Cor. 16:9); and again: that while in Troas he had recognized an open[…]


The “Macedonian call” continues to reach the ears and hearts of many willing missionaries throughout the world

Paul intended re-visit “every city in which they had proclaimed the Word” (Acts 15:36), but the Holy Spirit forbade them to speak the Gospel in Asia and kept them from going into Bithynia (16:6-7). Thus, while in Troas, Paul received the now well known vision with the call “Come over[…]


Being His disciple to bear His fruit is no one’s meritorious accomplishment

As we approach the end of this year, we are thankful to the Lord for expanding the opportunities for Spanish World Ministries to reach more people with the powerful message of the Gospel. We are mindful of the words of our Lord Jesus to his disciples on the night before[…]


2nd Mile Adventure and El Camino de la Vida in Honduras joins in “Ride for a missionary cause”

Together with 2nd Mile Adventures, Team El Camino de La Vida just completed a 3-day mountain bike race through Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The rugged mountains and countless pueblos reminded us of the importance of radio ministry as so many people live in these difficult to reach places. Our[…]