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Due to the political tension that Bolivia is going through, several radio stations have been shutting down by the authorities

At the end of December, Ted Lenox, who served at the headquarters of Spanish World Ministries as a radio engineer for almost 38 years, came into his retirement year. The Board of directors approved to invite Pedro Salces to become our Radio Technical Producer. Besides introducing our ministry in churches, and visiting radio stations to expand the number of outlets broadcasting our programs, since January of this year, Pedro is in charge of editing the programs and adding music, customizing the endings for different countries, and distributing them among our missionaries and several radio stations via internet. In addition, he is responsible for answering the e-mails from listeners and forwarding them to the missionaries in each country for any additional follow up.
Pedro and his wife
Due to the political tension that Bolivia is going through, several radio stations have been shutting down by the authorities. This situation has affected the number of programs that broadcast our programs. Nevertheless, we are thankful to the Lord because through 121 stations, our programs are on the air almost 1,200 time every week. Pedro, just as the rest of our missionaries, keeps promoting our ministry visiting churches and radios stations. He and his family are members of a local church in Santa Cruz. Pedro is assisting the leadership in different areas. His wife Kitty is involved with the women’s ministry.

In Bolivia radio remains the number one true medium

In Bolivia, just as in every country in Latin America, radio remains the number one true medium. The authorities in this country, aware of this reality, are reinforcing certain regulations that include the loyalty from the owners of the stations to the current government. If these new regulations would be implemented, approximately 500 private stations […]


Many people in Bolivia consider that humanist philosophies will resolve the problems that are affecting the society

One official event organized by the government at the beginning of this year, took place in Tiahuanacu, a famous region known for the Inca ruins. Among many aspects related with the official purpose of this event, one of the highlights were the rituals and sacrifices performed during the event. Perhaps for the authorities that came […]


People constantly contact us requesting for help from different countries of Latin America

Recently I traveled to the town of Cobija, the capital of the state of Pando. This place is located in the northeast area of the country, near the border with Brazil. Thus is very expensive to travel to this region, but praise the Lord, a company hired me to give workshops of speech and verbalization […]


Missionary from Bolivia visits city with high levels of worship to fake god the “Pachama”

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to a couple of important cities in Bolivia, El Alto and La Paz, both towns with a population above one million. I assumed that it would be an easy task to visit radio stations to introduce our programs in El Alto. As I walked through the streets of […]