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You can proclaim the Gospel to the Spanish speaking people by partnering with us! Help us spread the Good News through our materials by supporting our missionaries, our translating projects and special funds, so that we keep advancing the Gospel all over the Spanish speaking countries of our world!

Explore the six different areas you can partner with us in. Click on the Fund you want to read about.

National Missionaries Fund

Your gifts enable our national missionaries, in 15 countries in the speaking Spanish world, to fulfil their responsibilities as they constantly visit radio stations to introduce our programs. As the owners of the stations agree to broadcast the programs, our missionaries supply the stations. They also visit churches to encourage the believers to use our programs as an evangelistic tool, either sponsoring them in local radio stations, or to using them in their evangelistic efforts.

Radio Fund

Your gifts enable Spanish World Ministries to spread the message of salvation in Christ through the production and distribution of our radio programs among the 2,500 radio stations that broadcast our programs all over Latin America:

  • With $25 you can help us to bring the Gospel to 100 people
  • With $50 at least 200 people will be exposed to the message of the cross
  • With $75 over 300 people will hear that Christ is the Savior
  • With $100 you will make possible for 400 people to hear the Good News of salvation

General Fund

Our “General Fund” is as important as the Radio, Missionaries, and Internet Outreach funds. It is through this resource that we are able to maintain the office building, pay for supplies, telephone, utilities, insurance, salaries, social security and Medicare taxes, and make up for the deficits in other funds.
Financially and strategically, the General Fund is the launch pad that allows us to go forth with the different areas of ministry in which we are involved. Any non-designated contribution goes to help “the Good General” to accomplish this.

Internet / App Fund

Your gifts allow us to enhance, maintain, and develop different tools for our free App “El Camino de la Vida”, social media pages, Podcast platforms, and our Spanish web site. Our goal is to reach the digital generation in the Spanish speaking world with the exposition of the Word through audio and reading material that can be downloaded over the Internet.

Quechua/Guarani Fund

Your gifts will enable us to translate, record, and distribute our programs targeting two groups that must hear the message in their own language. Quechua is spoken by over 8 million people in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Although slight linguistic differences appear among the different regions, it is generally understood by all. Quechua is the third most spoken language in Latin America. Guarani is an official language for the 7 million Paraguayans along with Spanish. It is also spoken in Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

Caribbean Evangelistic Outreach

Your gift enable us to reach the Caribbean population with the powerful message of the Gospel through the distribution of our programs making use of social media and other Internet tools. 

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