Missionary from Bolivia visits city with high levels of worship to fake god the “Pachama”

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to a couple of important cities in Bolivia, El Alto and La Paz, both towns with a population above one million. I assumed that it would be an easy task to visit radio stations to introduce our programs in El Alto. As I walked through the streets of this town, I noticed that many businesses in the market or the streets were selling the ingredients to make sacrifices to the “Pachama” (“The mother earth”). Although these rituals belonged to the Andean culture, lately the government has been promoting the worship to this false god. During the ceremonies to the Pachama, the shamans (the leaders) burn animals or dissected fetus of Lamas. A worshiper must spend between $35 and $75 to buy the fetus of a Lama, plus all the herbs and elements that must be burned during the ceremony and eventually spread over the ground. Seeing firsthand how the idolatry blinds the hearts of many people, my prayer was that the Lord would open doors in radio stations for the proclamation of the Gospel. The owners of four stations received samples of our programs and one of them agreed to broadcast them In La Paz, I tried to search for the addresses of radio stations, but unfortunately most of them are not listed as radio stations in the phone book. I expected that perhaps looking for the antennas I might be able to locate some stations, but most of the stations have their antennas in the hills around the cities, therefore it was hard to get to their offices. But praise the Lord I established contact with several stations, the owner of one of them immediately agreed to air the programs. I trust that the owners that received sample of the programs will understand the importance of airing material that provides hope to thousands of people that live in distress. We are thankful to the Lord because the message of the Gospel is aired through 120 radio stations all over Bolivia!

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