City of Porteña in Argentina now has the opportunity to hear the Good News

As I encourage believers to sponsor our programs in local radio stations, there exist two main obstacles. The first is how expensive is to buy airtime in secular stations, and the second is the long process to obtain a licence for broadcasting. Praise the Lord some churches have obtained a licence to open a communitarian radio station. Certainly these type of stations only reach a reduce number of miles, but it is a powerful tool to reach small towns or specific areas around churches in larger cities. In January I encouraged a church in the town of Portena and helped them in the process to obtain the licence to broadcast and with the purchase and instalation of equipment to broadcast. They prayed about this project and the congregation raised the funds to cover this evangelistic project. Since May this church is airing our programs along with other Christian programs, and the people in Portena have the opportunity to hear the Good News of salvation in Christ. As a result, new families are starting to attend this church.

Couple of months ago the owner of a radio station in the provience of Neuquen sent me the following email:
“I want to confirm that I have received the programs that you sent. I must admit that these programs have an excelent quality and a deep spiritual message. I am really glad to receive this material and my intention is to air them at peak hours. This world is going through a very difficult time, and the sad thing is that things are not going to improve. Your programs lead the radio listener to face their reality from God’s perspective, and based on that perspective the person must decide if he is willing to accept God’s plan for his life. I am sure The Lord is honoring your efforts as your produce these materials”.

As I read this email I realized how important is to keep expanding the number of stations airing our programs. I praise Him because during the first quarter of this year six stations have confirmed their broadcasting. At the present, 48 radio stations are transmitting our programs!

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