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A man in Colombia who was in charge of a radio station in a military academy, shared with Luis that he has been promoted to another base

Juan Carlos requested programs for a new radio station

With almost 350 radio station broadcasting our programs, our missionary Luis Prada has been able to establish a wide network of contacts with owners and directors of radio stations. Few weeks ago Juan Carlos, a man who was in charge of a radio station in a military academy, shared with Luis that he has been promoted to another base. Once he has done with his military duties, Juan Carlos said that his desire is to obtain a license to have a radio station and our programs would be broadcasted every day.

Rosalba with material to grow in her spiritual life

He said that the clear teaching of God’s Word has a powerful message for the radio listeners that live day by day without any hope. That was the case of Rosalba, a lady that who made wrong decisions when she was a teenager. Those decisions lead her to live many years without any joy or peace. It was not until one day she heard the truth of the Gospel that she realized that there was hope for her if she would trust Christ as her savior. Now God has changed all her circumstances. She said, “Every day I listen to your programs because they have been helping me to grow in my spiritual life. They have been an important resource to remain faithful to my faith in Christ. I feel a special happiness every day”.

Luis and Ruth are also serving as leaders in a small church in Cúcuta. Every Sunday, Luis is in charge of preaching God’s Word, and Ruth is serving visiting and encouraging the women of the church. Together, they lead a couple of Bible studies during the week in different houses.

Colombia is leading the data base in regards to the number of stations airing the programs

At the end of 2005, almost 65 stations were broadcasting our programs in Colombia. Ten years later, through 305 stations the Gospel is reaching thousands of ears and hearts! This country is leading the database in regards to the number of stations airing the programs. It means that 2,889 times per week our programs are […]


A new radio station that broadcast from the jail has been added to our database in Colombia

Our missionary, Luis Prada, keeps searching for more opportunities to have the Gospel proclaimed through radio. As a result of his efforts, eleven radio stations have been added to our data base in Colombia. The Lord has opened a great opportunity of ministry through some military radio stations. A sergeant in charge of one of […]


New radio station that accepted our programs is located in the most violent area of Colombia with the highest kidnapping rate in the country

During the second quarter of this year, 28 radio stations have been visit for the very first time and praise the Lord 17 of them agreed to air our programs! One particular radio station is located in the region of el Cauca. The guerrilla militias and narco-paramilitary groups have made the department of Valle del […]


People of devastated city on debris will be able to listen to the message of salvation in Colombia

The Lord has been has opened several opportunities to reach more people with the Gospel as I have contacted owners of radio stations. During the first quarter of this year I was able to contact 49 radio stations and praise the Lord 23 accepted to air our programs. One station is located in the town […]