New radio station that accepted our programs is located in the most violent area of Colombia with the highest kidnapping rate in the country

During the second quarter of this year, 28 radio stations have been visit for the very first time and praise the Lord 17 of them agreed to air our programs! One particular radio station is located in the region of el Cauca. The guerrilla militias and narco-paramilitary groups have made the department of Valle del Cauca and its capital Cali the epicenter of Colombian organized crime and a model of the new criminal outsourcing paradigm. This is the most violent department in Colombia with the highest kidnapping rate in the country and the second highest rate for extortions. The intention of doing missionary work in this region is almost impossible due to the strong support that the population provides to the criminal organizations. In spite of the obstacles, God has opened a door in a radio station, and now every day people in this region have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through our programs. Please, pray that many people may establish a personal relationship with the Christ.

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet Wilfredo, a pastor from Venezuela. This pastor has a segment in a local radio station and was interested in finding programs to use it during the time that he sponsors. When he heard our programs, he asked me if I could supply him with programs. Even though the radio station has a socialist philosophy, this pastor has been able to sponsor Christian programs. Few months later, a Christian business person that advertises his company in another secular radio station, wanted to add short programs with spiritual content. He contacted Wilfredo and requested copies of our short programs. This pastor also introduced our programs with the directors of other two Christian radio stations. As a result of my conversation with Wilfredo over a year ago, and the subsequent follow up, four stations in Venezuela are airing our programs.

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