A love act of our Missionary in Chile produces a big impact on non-believers

I am thankful to the Lord for the constant increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs. Praise the Lord the Gospel is heard almost 1,300 times per week all over Chile through 166 radio stations. My main goal during this year has been to confirm that the stations included in our database are receiving and airing the programs. This is not an easy task since it is almost impossible to go though the whole the country, but I am thankful to the Lord because month by month I am able to contact stations. Within the last three months, I contacted 26 stations and all of them are airing the programs normally.

Andres supplying literature to Pastor Carlos

One of these stations is located in a suburb of Santiago. Carlos, the director of the station, asked me if I could supply him with some literature for the listeners. I took the opportunity to ask him if he has complied already with some requirements that the authorities are requiring from the radio stations. He told me that he was completely unaware of the situation. I took the time to explain him exactly what forms he needed to fill to comply with the law. As I finished my visit to this station, he expressed his gratitude for not only for supplying the programs, but also for the literature, and above all, for all the information that I was able to provide him. As I was heading back to my house I was praised the Lord for the time invested in visiting this pastor, for the literature that I provided, and for the urgent information that he needed in order to be able to have the station on the air. My prayer is that these efforts would result in the salvation of those radio listeners that every week, hear our programs through this radio station.

I praise the Lord because the time that I have invested in learning different aspects of the laws related to telecommunication are enabling me not only to help Christian radio stations, as it was the case with pastor Carlos, but also to provide advisory to secular radio stations. That has been the case with a radio station in the town of La Serena. Betho, the owner of a secular radio station has rejected to air programs with “religious” content. Nevertheless, when I visited him for the first time over a year ago, I explained him about our programs, and offered to help him if he needed information to comply with the laws of telecommunications. He expected that I would charge for the information, but I told him that this was not my intention. He told me certain aspects that he never understood about the laws and I was able to explain him what he needed to do in order to comply with the law. Since that visit, he accepted to air our programs. Couple of months ago I visited him and he told me that our programs are having good reception among his audience.

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