Perú – René Hurtado (Radio & Voice Producer)


René Hurtado

Rene graduated from the Peru Baptist Seminary, Calvary Baptist Seminary in Pennsylvania. Currently, he is finishing a master’s program at the Dallas Theological Seminary. He was the founder of the Baptist Seminary of Cusco and served as a professor for eight years. For 32 years, he has served in the pastoral ministry in Cusco, Trujillo, and Lima. He joined Spanish World Ministries as a missionary in Peru in 2004. In 2018 the Board of Directors of Spanish World Ministries invited him to become the radio producer along with Cornelius Rivera. Rene and his wife Ysabel live in Lima.

Know the impact caused through our programs to a family in Peru

About four years ago, the Florian family had to move from the town of Chocofan to Trujillo, since one of their children had an accident and required a long medical treatment. For several months, they listened to our programs through Radio Integridad, a radio station that belongs to the church that Rene is pastoring in […]


God is blessing in many ways the work that the Hurtados are doing in Peru

God is blessing in many ways the work that the Hurtados are doing in Peru. With over 200 station airing our program Rene keeps searching for more outlets for our programs either visiting new radio stations, or by promoting the programs among pastors and Christian leaders. As a result of Rene’s commitment the Gospel is […]


Our programs impact people in Peru that do not have any other way of hearing God’s Word

Does it make any difference if we increase the number of programs broadcasting our programs? We might say that the possibility of having somebody coming to know the Lord through our programs, or somebody growing spiritually through the exposition of His Word, is always there. However, as I get to see firsthand the impact of […]


Meet a listener in Peru and the testimony he left us at the end of his days

My wife and I are thankful to the Lord for the constant increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs. Along with the increasing in the number of outlets comes also the responsibility to oversee that the CD’s that we send to the radio stations are reaching their destination, and that the stations still […]