Our programs impact people in Peru that do not have any other way of hearing God’s Word

Does it make any difference if we increase the number of programs broadcasting our programs? We might say that the possibility of having somebody coming to know the Lord through our programs, or somebody growing spiritually through the exposition of His Word, is always there. However, as I get to see firsthand the impact of our programs in people that would not have any other way to hear God’s Word, I have a get perspective of my responsibility as missionary with Spanish World Ministries. Not long ago I had the privilege to meet Luis, a young man that for several years has been suffering a strange physical disease that hardens his bones, thus he is unable to move his joints. The only bones that he can move are his hands and fingers. His right foot is twisted, so in order to move his body just a few inches, he must rock his body. He cannot move his head and his jaw is stiff. Since he cannot move, during the night he can easily choke. Lately he has been suffering of bed soaring due to the lack of movement; therefore her mom has to move his body every one or two hours. Luis’ dad passed away two years ago after a difficult battle with cancer. The main income for Luis and her mom was the job that she had as a laundry woman. However, she had to quit her job in order to take care of Luis. In spite of all these situations, he never complains! Since Luis is in bed all the time, all what he can do is to listen to the radio. Through a local radio station, Luis listens to our programs. As I visited him, he told me: “Your radio programs are the spiritual food that I need to keep trusting that God is in control of my life. I am thankful to the Lord because I can feel God’s love surrounding me”. I visited Luis with the purpose of encouraging him to trust in the Lord, but at the end of this visit, I was profoundly encouraged by Luis’ faith. Praise the Lord my church has responded to the needs of Luis and her mom, and we are raising the necessary funds to help Luis and his mother with their needs.

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