Meet a listener in Peru and the testimony he left us at the end of his days

My wife and I are thankful to the Lord for the constant increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs. Along with the increasing in the number of outlets comes also the responsibility to oversee that the CD’s that we send to the radio stations are reaching their destination, and that the stations still airing the programs. This is a constant and difficult job since we are having over 200 stations in our data base and most of them are far from where we live. But I am trying to establish a specific strategy with the help of believers that live in regions far from Trujillo. I asked these brothers in Christ to monitor the transmission of the programs. So far it has helped me to delete those stations that are no longer airing the programs. I am also promoting the ministry in different events where I am invited to speak. At the beginning of the year I was invited to an important pastors’ conference to share God’s Word. It was encouraging to see pastors that in spite of their age and their circumstances, they keep serving the Lord. As I introduce our programs, several pastors showed interest and expressed their desire to use them to keep sharing the Gospel and to help believers to grow in their spiritual lives. 90% of these pastors are serving in small towns far from the big cities, therefore for them is hard to have access to evangelistic materials. One specific need that most of the pastors expressed is materials to be able to reach people that only speak Quechua. This is one of the projects that we are praying that the Lord would enable us to accomplish in the near future.

Rene suplying with programs to a pastor

Something that brings encouragement to our ministry is when we get to meet people that have been impacted by our radio ministry, and whose lives has been transformed and used by the Lord to reach others with the Gospel. That was the case with Tito. He was a young man that for several years struggled with a severe problem in his kidneys. For the most part of his physical condition he faced depression, angriness, and resentment against God. But one day he was touched with the power Holy Spirit and he surrender to the Lord. During the last stage of his life, he committed his life to love the Lord and to be faithful to Him. As he listened to our programs he grew a lot in his spiritual life. Two year ago when Spanish World Ministries had the missionary conference in Lima, Peru, he wanted to travel to Lima to meet Cornelius Rivera. Unfortunately during this time he faced a physical crisis and could not meet Cornelius. In his own words: “It was a disappointment not being able to meet the preacher that has helped me to grow spiritually”.Few months ago Tito went to presence of the Lord. The day when he passed away he was in his job and had the opportunity to share about Christ to an old lady who was his neighbor. Few minutes after he finished his conversation with the lady, he had a stroke. Two hours later he passed away. It was a huge blessing to know that the last thing that this believer did before dying was to share about God’s plan of salvation with a lady that needed to hear about Christ.

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