Costa Rica – Raúl Perazzo

By God’s grace, Spanish World has missionaries representing the ministry in most of the countries in Latin America, except Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama. Costa Rica was part of this list, but after a long period of prayer and having the Lord’s provision to have a missionary in this country, in March of 2022, Raul and Adriana Perazzo joined Spanish World Ministries team.

After a broad pastoral experience in Argentina, Raul planted a church in Costa Rica in 2000. In the same year, he obtained a frequency for radio BBN in this country. Throughout that time, he established BBN in different Costa Rica regions. Besides his pastoral ministry and the establishment of BBN, the Perazzos established a theological training ministry known as “Equipping the Saints.” The purpose of this ministry is to provide ministry and theological tools to pastors and leaders needing the training to teach the Word.

Five of the 103 radio stations in Costa Rica are already broadcasting our programs. But we desire to reach more people all over this country with the message of salvation, using radio waves. To achieve this goal, the Lord has called Raul and Adriana. With their experience in radio broadcastings and their knowledge of the evangelical presence in Costa Rica, they are the answer from the Lord regarding our need to have a godly couple representing our ministry. Besides expanding the outlets airing the programs, and supplying them that accept their broadcasting, Raul and his wife visit churches to promote our ministry. They encourage other believers to send our audio through the Internet using social media.

Raul introducing our ministry in a church