The one, who is the true light, came this world!

Dear friends:

As we end another year, racial and ethnic violence all over the world, corruption at every level in governments, and aggressive humanist philosophies trying to undermine God’s principles and promote immorality, are the headlines in newspapers and Internet portals. But for the Lord, nothing of what is affecting this world is new. John 1:11 says: He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Knowing that he was going to be rejected, the Word became flesh to dwell among us (v. 14). He humbled himself and came to save a lost world. Though many people reject him, those who choose to believe in Him he gives them the right to become children of God (v. 12). As a ministry, we are thankful to the Lord because He is allowing us to spread the true message of hope in difficult contexts all over the Spanish speaking world.


Radio stations all over the Spanish-speaking world are important and reliable instruments to reach out with the Gospel to those who are waking in darkness. Our missionaries contact radio stations in large cities and small communities in their countries. At times, it involves traveling long distances and, quite often, dangerous roads. But they are aware that each broadcast will be an opportunity to have someone coming to Christ, like Edwin’s testimony. After listening to our programs, one day, he decided to contact us to share his struggles.

He said: “My name is Edwin. I had the opportunity to hear your programs through a local radio station. Thanks to your Bible teachings, I am making important decisions related to my spiritual life and my marriage. Now, I understand the importance of finding a biblical church.” Our missionary in Honduras, Melvin Zelaya, met with Edwin to provide him with biblical literature and to encourage him to make a real commitment to follow the Lord. Since Edwin accepted the Lord as his savior, now he is part of God’s family. We praise the Lord because the Gospel is on the air through 3,281 stations. Our conviction is that all over Latin America, more people like Edwin are joining God’s family as they set their trust in Christ as their only Savior.

Since 2014 we have been intentionally promoting our programs over the Internet. The first step was the launch of the El Camino de la Vida App. Eventually, we made our programs available on our web page in Spanish and on Facebook. Within the last years, other apps, such as YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp, have been playing a significant role in making the Gospel available to people with access to smart devices all over Latin America. The Internet has become a useful tool to explain to people how the True Light came to this world to give His life to rescue sinners. Not having radio stations airing our programs in Cuba, Facebook, and other apps have been used by the Lord to reach souls. A couple of months ago, Ilemnis, a lady from this country, heard our programs over the Internet. She sent an email to our ministry saying: I just had a baby and found out that my husband is having an affair. I have realized that I wanted to resolve this issue on my own. After hearing your program, I understand that I must surrender to the Lord so He may resolve my problems.” Our missionary in Cuba, Ricardo, has already contacted Ilemnis to provide her spiritual support.

For nine years, our programs have been played 770,000 times over the Internet. Just as the Holy Spirit touched Ilemnis’ heart, our conviction is that every day, souls are confronted with their need to surrender to Christ.

When we look at the world around us, those who live this life without Christ are destined for eternity, separated from God. As believers, we have been called to share about the Savior who dwelt among us with the specific purpose of giving his life to save a lost world. God showed his love, giving his son to die for Edwin and Ilemnis, and many others who have opened their hearts to Christ as a result of listening to our programs. It is our conviction that because of the broadcasting of our programs, there will be new believers celebrating this Christmas in a different way. The time invested in the production of each one of our programs, the efforts of each one of our missionaries increasing the number of outlets for the proclamation of the Gospel, and His provision throughout the year are elements that the Lord is using to give the right to become part of God’s family, to those who decide to believe in Him. I want to invite you to join us in our efforts to reach more people with the Gospel. An end-of-year donation and/or your monthly support throughout 2024 will enable us to expand the number of outlets airing the Gospel.

On behalf of the Directors of Spanish World Ministries, the staff, and each one of our missionaries, it is our desire that the true meaning of Christmas bring encouragement to you and your dear family this season, and may His blessing be upon you this 2024!

In His love,

Daniel Sandoval