If anyone enters through Me, He will be saved

Dear friends:

Here are some key facts concerning the spiritual situation in the Spanish speaking countries (excluding Spain):
– Total population: 440 million
74% of the population follow the religious traditions imposed by the Spaniards.
8% claim to be atheists.
6% follow different cults.
12% are evangelicals.

As we see these percentages, the picture that Jesus gave in John 10:8 becomes vivid: “All those who came before Me are thieves and robbers.” No matter if it is through devotion to a religion or the degree of rejection of the existence of God the Creator, millions of people all over Latin America are following Satan’s deceptive strategies. In verse nine, Jesus affirmed: “I am the door.” With this statement, He established that He serves as the sole means to approach the Father and partake in God’s promised salvation. Through each program that we produce, each station that agrees to air our programs, and every program played through our App, the opportunity to access the real and only God is available to those who believe and surrender to Christ.

That was the experience of Pascual Orrego, who lives in Tobatiry, one hundred miles away from Asuncion in Paraguay. After listening to our programs on Radio Mensajero, one day, he concluded that he needed to set his trust in Christ. So, he called the number at the end of the program. As Roberto Acuña, our missionary in Paraguay, talked to him, Pascual showed a genuine desire to establish a personal relationship with God. Over the phone, he confessed to Christ as his Lord and Savior. But the Holy Spirit worked not only in his heart. After Roberto explained the plan of salvation to his wife, Juana, she decided to set her trust in the Lord. Praise the Lord because this couple entered through the right door and found salvation.

If anyone enters through Me, He will be saved (Jn. 10:9)

But there are times when radio listeners have a tough time understanding that Christ is the door and that He has the power to forgive and transform hearts. That is the situation that Sara, a young girl in Colombia who has listened to our programs, is dealing with. Though she was born into a Christian family, she decided to live away from God at a young age. She opened doors that led her to live a life of deep sadness and huge emptiness. In her email, she shares that she has read Christian books, watched messages on YouTube, and tried to attend churches, but she ends up falling into sin over and over again. She said: “After months of efforts to not fall into sin, I ended up sinning like in the past.” She ended up with her letter saying: “I just do not understand! What is the Gospel? What does it mean to believe in Christ? What does it mean to repent? How can I be a true believer? How can I get rid of my own self-righteousness?” Luis Prada, our missionary in Colombia, has replied back to her email, offering to help her go through the Scriptures to find the answers to her questions. Can you take a moment to pray for Sara? Please pray for her spiritual condition! Somehow, the Lord has used our programs to lead her to send an email that reflects the sadness that Satan has been trying to impose on her heart. It is our trust that she will be able to come through the only Door that will set her free from her past and her sinful lifestyle.

Polo and Stella with the owner of radio Burbuja

Both cases, Pascual, and Sara, are clear examples of the importance of preaching God’s Word to save as many souls as possible with the message of salvation. That is why our missionaries are determined to keep increasing the number of outlets airing our evangelistic programs. A couple of months ago, Polo Miño, our missionary in Ecuador, traveled to Balzar, a city two hours north of Guayaquil. The population in this town is approximately 54,000. Though the main activity is agriculture and livestock, the proliferation of clandestine laboratories manufacturing different drugs in recent years is evident. The crime rate has increased tremendously since being a peaceful and quiet town. Polo talked to the owner of Radio Burbuja, and he immediately accepted our programs. The owner of another station is considering broadcasting our short programs. It means that thousands of people in Balzar will hear about Christ and what He has to offer to those who, in repentance, set their trust in Him. Pray for the efforts that Polo in Ecuador and seventeen missionaries in Latin America are making to reach as many people as possible with the message of salvation, keeping in mind that 88% of the population in the Spanish-speaking countries are in spiritual darkness.

What a great responsibility the Lord has entrusted us with taking the message of salvation that you and I one day accepted. God is allowing us to fulfill the Great Commission through the radio waves and over the Internet so millions of Spanish speakers all over the Spanish World can accept the gift of salvation. Thank you to those of you who are part of this ministry through your generous donations! If you are not part of our spiritual and financial team, we invite you to partner with us through your prayers and faithful financial support. Through your generosity, the Lord will provide us to support financially our national missionaries and produce more evangelistic programs that will be distributed across 3,400 radio stations.

In His love,

Daniel Sandoval