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“We do not accept religious material” this type of answer is heard every time when our missionary in Uruguay tries to visit radio stations

When our missionaries visit secular radio stations to introduce our programs, quite often the immediate answer is “we do not accept religious material”. In a secularist society as Uruguay, Eduardo hears this type of answer every time he tries to establish contact with the directors of the radio stations. However, he also understands that somehow Satan will do whatever he can not only to bring discouragement to Eduardo, but also to keep the people in Uruguay away from the truth of the Gospel. Recently he visited a radio station for the fourth time. As Eduardo was giving samples of the programs to the receptionist, he added, “This is not the first time that I leave this type of samples”. The receptionist replied, “Yeah I know, and of course we have never listened to the samples that you have left because we reject anything related to religion”. For a few minutes, Eduardo was able to explain her that the purpose of our programs had nothing to do with promoting a religion. Instead, he said, Our programs have the intention of provide peace and hope to people that are dealing with struggles in their lives. As she listened to one of our short programs, she said, “The truth is that you barely can find this type of quality programs for free. I will give it the owner of the station pointing out that is hard to find this type of message of encouragement”. Praise the Lord within the last four months Eduardo visited eleven radio stations with the last four months of 2015, and five stations accepted the programs, and two other that were broadcasting our three-minute programs, accepted to air the 15 minute program. We are thankful to the Lord because 61 radio stations are the instrument that God is using to make the name of Christ known in the midst of a society that rejects whatever has to do with Him. Our prayer and conviction is that owners of radio stations and radio listeners may come to the knowledge of Jesus as their personal Savior.

Only 11% of the population claim to be Evangelicals in Uruguay

During the first part of this year Eduardo visited 19 radio stations to introduce our programs. Five station were added to our data base increasing to 60 the number of stations broadcasting our programs. This numbers acquire a special relevance when according to the last census 47% of the population claim to be Roman Catholics […]


A listener from Uruguay that was released from jail shares his testimony with us

Since my wife and I decided to serve the Lord several years ago, our ultimate goal has been to share with many people as possible the message of salvation. He has used our lives in many ways, but since we became missionaries with Spanish World Ministries, we realized that through the broadcasting of our radio […]


Believer testifies that Cornelio Rivera’s teachings are continuously heard between the border of Uruguay and Argentina

During the first quarter of the year I have visited twelve radio stations. Although none of them accepted to air the programs, three stations that canceled their transmission were recovered. It is quite disappointing when I travel several miles to introduce our programs, only to find out that the only radio station in town is […]