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Recent news of Karel Golcher

Our missionary in Guatemala has established a strategy that involves traveling through different territories of Guatemala where the Gospel and the teaching of sound doctrines needs to be heard

Among other duties, one of the most important is the visit to radio stations to introduce our programs. Our missionary Karel has establish a strategy that involves traveling through different territories of Guatemala where the Gospel needs to be heard and the teaching of sound doctrines needs to be heard. Certainly, there are a lot of Christian radio stations, and the presence of Mega Evangelical churches with neo-Pentecostal doctrines, are present everywhere in the country. At a times travel to other cities is a task that requires a lot of patience for Karel. Few months ago he traveled to the city of Chimaltenango, but the road was blocked for more than three hours by a group of farmers that were demonstrating against the local authorities. Karel could have postpone the trip for the next month, but he knew that God would be opening doors in radio station he would fulfil his goal to visit different regions during this trip. In spite of the heat and the despair of being stuck in the middle of a demonstration, he waited. Finally the roads were opened, and he continued his journey to Chimaltenango. As he visited the station Radio Chimalteca, he had the opportunity to introduce our programs to the lady in charge of the station. Although this is a secular station, she was impacted not only by the quality of the programs, but also for the clear biblical message. So she agreed to air. That was the same case with the owner of another secular radio station in Patzicía, who considered that our programs would be beneficial for his audience.

Karel supplying radio programs to Victor

Certainly our desire is to reach the unbelievers through the broadcasting of our programs through secular radio stations. But we are thankful to the Lord for those believers who share our passion to reach the unsaved through the radio waves. Victor, is a Christian man that owns a radio station that broadcast inside of the main market of the city of Mixco. During the short conversation that Karel had with Victor, he explained that about 4,000 people come to this market every day to buy the basic food basket. Several times he has received threats for his boldness in sharing God’s Word through this radio station. People in the market would rather have a secular station to make profits. But Victor is fully convinced that everyday there is a lot of people buying food that are carrying heavy burdens in their hearts. One of the main limitations that he has, is that is not that easy to have Evangelistic programs for free. So when Karel explained him that he would not have to pay anything for our materials, he felt that God was answering a very important request that he had for several years.Besides visiting radio stations to introduce our programs, and supplying radio stations with our materials, Karel is also replying back to those that contact us to through social media and Internet. Karel and his wife have been also involved in church planting. Almost four years ago, God laid in their hearts the desire to plant a new church in the town of Xela. They initiated this church with a small group of new believers, but the Lord blessed their efforts and they ended up establishing the church La Roca. Since this group has been growing spiritually and numerically, few months ago they started to meet in a new location.

A massive mudslide buried much of El Cambray community in Guatemala City

In October of last year, a massive mudslide buried much of El Cambray community, nine mile east from Guatemala City. Approximately 234 people died and hundreds remained missing. This disaster took place when heavy rains caused the slide of a towering hill to suddenly break loose and come crashing down on the village bellow. Villagers […]


Eight radio stations in the state of Santa Rosa in Guatemala agreed to air our programs, this state deals every day with the problem of distribution and consumption of drugs by people of all ages

During the first five months of this year, our missionary Karel has visited 27 radio stations in different regions of Guatemala. Praise the Lord, 17 Christian and 4 secular radio stations agreed to air the programs! Thanks to Karel’s commitment, currently we have a total of 71 radio stations proclaiming the good news of salvation […]


Golcher Family from Guatemala joined our ministry last year and share the progress made and the challenging experience in their country

During the last five years as a family, we have been involved in planting a church in the town of Quetzaltenango. It has been a wonderful privilege to see individuals and families coming to the knowledge of the Lord and to help them to grow in their spiritual lives now that they have become members […]


New Golcher family joins to Spanish World Ministry in Guatemala

Due to personal reasons, our former missionary Pedro Ramos could not continue representing our ministry, but we praise the Lord because the Golcher family joined our ministry in April of this year. Karel and Samantha have been serving the Lord for planting a church in Quetzaltenango. He has been giving seminars and different Bible training […]