Venezuela – Antonio Zorrilla

I praise the Lord because the message of the Gospel is heard in different regions in Venezuela.  For some time, due to the political changes in Venezuela, I had a great concern as to how our radio ministry would be affected by broadcasting restrictions and the possible reduction in the availability of stations able to transmit the programs.  But praise the Lord that He is allowing us to find even more stations to transmit them.  Traveling to the states of Apure and Guarico, two Christian stations and one secular station opened up their frequencies to our programs.  The owner of the secular station, although he is not a Christian, showed a great deal of interest in using our broadcasts.

Antonio and his wife visiting a radio station

I also praise the Lord because He gave my wife and me the opportunity to visit the headquarters of our mission in Indiana.  During our visit, and through a contact made through one of our board members with an ophthalmologist, I had an appointment in which he determined that I needed urgent surgery to avoid losing the vision in one eye due to glaucoma.  Thank God for the physician’s willingness to perform the surgery while foregoing the greater portion of his fee.  Pray for a full recovery, so that I might continue to use my eyes in His service.

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