México – David & Alejandra Franco

¡Please pray for Mexico!  Just as the case with Aland Guillen in San Luis Potosí, David has been trying to introduce our programs in two important Radio Networks in México City. The first network, Radio ABC, has 16 stations in different cities of the country. The second Network, Radio Valle de México, has four stations in the capital. After three months of pursuing an interview with the programmers, the enemy has been blocking this possibility.

Pastors meeting in Mexico City where David introduced our radio programs

But, David is seeking other possibilities to introduce the programs in these stations. He is also establishing contacts with pastors in order to encourage them have their churches not only sponsoring the programs, but also making the follow up with the radio listeners. In December he was able to introduce our ministry to 20 Baptist pastors. As a result of his presentation the organizers of this event invited him to keep attending the monthly meetings. Our prayer and desire is that God would reverse the trend of fruitless efforts in Mexico in regards to proclamation of the Gospel through radio

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