Antonio Zorrilla – July 2012

Antonio with his wife and Miguel

Camaguan is a town with a population of 22,000. As it is all over the country, many traditions that are the heritage from the Spaniard colony prevail until the present time. Certainly some Evangelical churches have been established in the area, but there is a huge need to reach people with the Gospel. A couple of months ago I was able to contact a pastor who works also as a manager of the Christian radio station. As I shared the purpose of our ministry he agreed to broadcast both of our programs. In Yaritagua I contacted the owner of a radio station that is a believer. As he heard the samples that I gave him he accepted their transmission. In Calabozo, Miguel is a taxi driver that loves to share the Gospel as he finds an opportunity. Basically he plays a CD with our programs as a passenger requires travel. Recently a young man that works in a secular radio station heard the programs as he was riding the taxi. He asked Miguel if there was some way to obtain the programs for his station. Miguel gave him my phone number and this man contacted me. Now this station is transmitting our materials every day.

We would like to ask your prayers for the situation in Venezuela. There have been times when I have felt that the opposition to the expansion of the Gospel will prevail. But I praise Him because within the last years instead of reducing the number of stations in our data base, we have increased stations year by year. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

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