René Hurtado – July 2012

René with his wife and Maria

As a family we are thankful to the Lord for the blessing of increasing the number of stations all over Peru. As we contact new churches to offer our programs as an evangelistic tool, we realize that God always has his instruments to expand the message of the Gospel. That is the case of a new station that is transmitting our programs in the town of Pataz. Juan, the owner of the station accepted Christ as his Savior some time ago and his pastor suggested that he use his station to broadcast Christian programs, especially evangelistic programs. This believer immediately accepted the suggestion and decided to schedule one hour every day to this type of program. They contacted me and since April the people in Pataz have been hearing programs with solid bible teaching every day. Praise the Lord! My wife and I also visited Maria. She tried to listen to our programs every day. During our visit she shared that when she was young she was treated as a slave in a farm. When she was 17 she escaped from this place. Since she did not have any ID, she had a rough life, but when she was 38 years old, she came to know Christ. Something interesting about Maria is that she learned to read and write with the Bible. She expressed her gratitude for our programs.

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