Fernando and Vanina Fiordelli – October 2013


Since colonial times, Catholic traditions have found fertile ground all over Latin America. Argentina is not the exception, and today around 90% of its population holds on to those traditions. Catholic practices in this country, especially in the remote areas, have incorporated native traditions resulting in great deal of syncretism. Religious festivals in the north-western provinces feature Catholic icons along with ancient Andean indigenous ceremonies like the Pachamama (mother earth) worship.
This, without the opposition from the Catholic Bishops. As missionaries with Spanish World Ministries, convinced of the effectiveness of proclaiming the truth of the message of Christ through radio, we are seeking to establish as many contacts as possible to increase the number of stations airing our programs. A pastor from the Rivadavia-Salta region, despite having only meager resources, opened a new radio station. Our programs are now aired through that frequency.

I have also attended several pastors’ conferences, and many of them have responded to the challenge of using radio as an instrument to reach the people with the Gospel. Argentina has a large territory, and our hope is that those who rely on empty traditions will come to the knowledge of the Savior as they listen to our programs.

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