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You can proclaim the Gospel to the Spanish speaking people by partnering with us! Help us spread the Good News through our materials by supporting our missionaries, our translating projects and special funds, so that we keep advancing the Gospel all over the Spanish speaking countries of our world!

Explore the six different areas you can partner with us in.

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Radio Fund

To spread the message of salvation in Christ through the production and distribution of our radio programs.

National Missionaries Fund

To support our national missionaries in 15 Spanish speaking countries, to assist churches in proclaiming the Gospel.

Internet / App Fund

To develop and maintain different tools for our free App, social media, podcasts and our Spanish web site.

Cuba Fund

To enable our Cuba missionary to assist churches in proclaiming the Gospel and visit those who believe accross the island.

Quechua / Guarani Fund

To translate, record, and distribute our programs targeting two important ethnic groups in Latin America: Quechua and Guarani.

General Fund

To provide for office building, supplies, services, insurance, salaries, social security and Medicare taxes, and make up for the deficits in other funds.

Other options to give: