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As Director of Spanish World Ministries I am thankful to the Lord because during 2011 He opened doors in 125 new stations for the transmission of our programs. This means that through 1590 stations all over Latin America our programs are proclaiming the biblical truths with a clear presentation of the plan of salvation. According to Wikipedia there are about 360 million people in Latin America (Mexico, Central and South America, Dom. Republic and Cuba). My daily burden is to know that people all over the Spanish speaking countries must know that “there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12), and radio is an effective way to spread this message. I praise Him because most of the stations that broadcast the programs are secular and they have agreed to broadcast them thanks to the efforts of our national missionaries. Among other responsibilities they must visit radio stations to introduce our programs.

As Evangelistic ministry our firm conviction is that we must communicate the message of salvation to as many people as possible. Thus, we are looking to increase the number of broadcasting outlets, and consequently the number of national missionaries responsible for securing and supplying materials for the stations.  The Lord has blessed our efforts and within the last 7 years we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of outlets broadcasting our programs. In 2005 we had 729 stations transmitting the programs but through the years more and more people are exposed to the Gospel. Basically, we grew 118% within the last seven years.

Our goal for this year is to keep moving forward as a mission with dedication and enthusiasm, understanding that we should not postpone the work that God has given us to accomplish. Our prayer before our Lord is to increase the total number of radio stations by 150 toward the end of 2012. Also, we would like to have a new missionary by the second part of this year. It means that we would like to end this year with 17 national missionaries and 1750 radio stations broadcasting the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. My prayer before the Lord is that He would provide us with 50 new donors during this 2012 making the commitment to give $30 monthly to reach more people with the Gospel. Your financial support helps us to keep distributing the Gospel in more radio stations all over the Spanish speaking countries. My desire is that as you visit this site, you will respond to His call and will join us in making known the name of Jesus to millions of people that need salvation; remembering that He is the one who causes the growth.

By His grace we shall persevere until he comes! We invite you to join us!


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