Ecuador – Leopoldo Miño

Ecuador – Leopoldo Miño

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Earthquake shakes Ecuador’s coast

At 18:58, on Saturday April 16, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the coastal Ecuador.

Polo bringing material and spiritual support to the people affected by the earthquake

Polo bringing material and spiritual support
to the people affected by the earthquake

Over 650 people died and 27,732 people injured. The country experienced serious difficulties distributing food and water to those in need. Approximately 26,000 people were relocated in shelters. Spanish World Ministries, through the coordination of our missionary Polo, was able to organize a group of believers to bring relief to as many people as possible. Believers from different churches donated canned food, water, clothes and evangelistic literature. For Polo and the group that traveled with him to the disaster area, was an overwhelming experience. As they were distributing the aid, they wanted to talk with the people about Christ, but several times they were almost looted and the police had to come to rescue them. Many neighborhoods were destroyed and hundreds of people are in despair. The stench of death was evident in many regions of Ecuador. Polo and other believers were able to deliver over 200 packs that included medicine, diapers, rice, sugar, canned food, juices, cereals, and evangelistic literatures.

Polo providing a sample

How many souls went to the eternity without knowing about the gift of salvation? Can one of our programs make a difference in the lives of thousands of people that are suffering because of this tragedy? We praise Him because 20 stations are broadcasting our programs, but we are fully aware that as a ministry we must reach as many people as possible with the precious message of the Gospel. Believers in Ecuador need tools to bring words of hope and comfort to those that are suffering the loss of relatives and friends. Pray that God would open more outlets for the proclamations of the spiritual truths, as Polo introduces our programs to more owners and managers of radio stations and as our programs become helpful tools to the Christians in Ecuador.


A new missionary representing for first time our ministry in Ecuador

For several years the broadcasting of our programs have been increasing in Ecuador. By the end of 2013 we had already 16 radio stations included in our data base. It was hard to believe that this number of stations were airing the programs in spite of the fact that we[…]


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