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Luis Prada

I visited 24 radio stations for the first time to introduce our programs to them. Fifteen agreed to broadcast them once they heard the quality of the message. The director of a radio station that transmits in a prison contacted me saying: “Your programs were evaluated by some officials at the station. They accepted the transmissions since they noticed that you never ask for donations. The messages are interesting and helpful to the listeners”. I traveled to San Antonio del Tachira, in Venezuela, to visit a pastor who has contacts with some radio stations.  After listening to the programs he took me straight to the directors of three stations. Praise the Lord! They immediately decided to air the broadcasts!

We rejoice as we hear some of the results of our efforts in finding more stations for broadcasting. The owner of a radio station that transmits our short programs contacted me to tell me that as one of the operators in charge was leaving the building, he heard the program.  Then he felt attracted to hear more. Thus he went into the Director’s office to ask if he could borrow the whole series of the program that he heard. One week later, he returned the CD saying that each program had brought hope and joy to his heart. As a result of this, the director told me that they are considering seriously the possibility of also transmitting our 15 minute program.

Jail when Pedro opened his heart to the Lord
Pedro in a bible study with Luis Prada

Pedro is another example of how the Lord is reaching souls through the exposition of the Scriptures. He spent several years in jail for drug trafficking, and there he heard several of our programs. It was under those circumstances that I had the opportunity to visit him, and as I explained the message of salvation, he accepted Christ as his Savior. After his release from jail, I had the blessing of having a Bible study with him.  He now remembers how his life was before coming to Christ: rude with his wife and a bad example for his children.  As we talked he was reminiscing of the time when he opened his heart to Christ. His greatest desire is to finish his discipleship, be baptized, and to lead his family to the Lord.

Several years ago Celmira heard our programs over the radio and she opened her heart to the Lord. My father in law and I were able to help her to grow in her spiritual life while she attended our church.  Eventually Celmira’s family also accepted Christ, but Carmen, her mother, showed a strong opposition. Through the years we were able to establish a wonderful fellowship with Celmira and her family.

Celmira was the first to respond to the message of the Gospel
Years alter Celmira´s mother, Carmen trusted Christ as her Savior

Carmen saw the changes in Celmira’s life, and began to have an interest in the Scriptures.  Then Carmen was diagnosed with throat cancer, possibly caused by her many years of smoking.
This allowed me to visit her often, to pray for her, and to share passages from the Scriptures. After five months of constant visits, finally Carmen opened her heart to Christ. In the last months of her life she delighted in the reading of the Bible.
Last month she went into the Lord’s presence.  Celmira and her family asked me to lead the funeral service and I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with relatives and friends who have not come to the Lord.

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