Chile – Andrés Carrasco

Andres visiting a radio station in a difficult neighborhood

During the last three months I was able to visit 23 radio stations. Some of them I visited for the first time. Praise the Lord five stations were added to the 110 that already transmit the programs. Some radio stations that I visited are ministries that belong to churches located in dangerous neighborhoods.
This is the case with “Radio Nueva 104.5″ where I was able to supply to the manager with more programs.People under the influence of drugs and alcohol, are frequently seen in these areas.
My prayer is that some of these seemingly hopeless cases would listen and be transformed by the power of the gospel message.

Andres in a meeting with Directors of Christian Communitarian radio stations

The government is in the process of changing the laws regarding licenses for radio broadcasting.  The owners of the so called “community stations” are afraid that these changes will cause many to suspend their transmissions. There is much uncertainty about this.
Our concern is that some of the stations transmitting our programs might be affected.
Since I have been involved with the association of these community radio stations and I have become familiar with the new regulations, I am advising the owners of these stations.
By helping them, I also have the opportunity to give information about our programs, and some have begun to carry the programs.

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