Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

I have visited over 40 stations that already transmit our programs to confirm that they are receiving the programs without any delay, and that they are broadcasting them. Most of the owners and directors of the stations expressed their appreciation for the programs.  In the town of Talanga, I met pastor Lucas to whom I explained the purpose of our ministry. He said that he was already using our programs in his church and placing them in a local radio station. But my data base did not show that station. I then came to find out that he was downloading them directly from our web site, and he was excited that I would be able to supply them directly to him. Another pastor in the region of La Esperanza told me that the programs represent a huge blessing since different cults in the region are teaching false doctrines, and our programs are proclaiming not only the Gospel, but teaching sound doctrine.  While visiting this radio station I noticed how old their equipment is, and I promised the pastor to pray for their need to acquire more up to date equipment to keep broadcasting Christian programs in this region.

In several regions of Honduras, the drug cartels are making their presence quite evident with a noticeable number of addicts as well as with the violence that they generate. In Catacamas I visited 16 stations that already transmit the programs, and four other new stations that agreed to transmit them.  As I was on my way back to the house where I was staying, the owner of a station offered me a ride. Since I would have to walk several blocks I accepted, and I got off at a restaurant.  While I was eating I heard gun shots and explosions of grenades. Vehicles and bullets began wheezing by.  For four hours the police had an intense confrontation with a drug cartel that was trying to land an aircraft with drugs. Later I found out that the shootings began on the road where I was, coming back from the radio station. Six drug dealers were killed and other seven apprehended.  I thank the Lord that He protected me by sending the man who offered me a ride, and got me off the road where I would have been caught in the cross fire. Pray that the Lord will use our programs to transform the hearts of many people in Catacamas.

Melvin with Dalia a faithful radio listener

Dalia, a lady that lives in Guajiquiro, 90 miles from Tegucigalpa, called us as a result of her interest in our programs. During our conversation she said that our programs are helping her to have a better understanding of the Bible and the importance of being diligent in her spiritual life. Getting to Guajiquiro is not an easy task, since the roads are not paved, but my wife and I decided to visit this lady.  In our visit we gave her a Bible and some literature to help her in her spiritual life.  The problem is that she does not know how to read. It took her a whole week to get the telephone number given at the end of the broadcast for her to be able to write it and have it right, in order to call me.  But she said that her brother and a couple of nephews will read the literature to her. She and the rest of her family were very excited with our visit, since there is no Christian church near the place where they live, nor anyone able to teach them the Scriptures.  Life in a poor rural area makes for a very difficult situation, but her desire to learn about God is greater than her circumstances. Like Dalia, many others all over Honduras are being spiritually fed through the teaching of the Word through radio. This encourages us to keep serving our Lord supplying programs to radio stations, and seeking for more outlets to proclaim the Gospel through the radio waves.

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