Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Besides the expansion of the radio ministry, the Lord is blessing the pastoral work being developed in the four congregations under our responsibility. The hot weather, poor public transportation, and the constant presence of thieves on the dirt roads that lead to Tegucigalpita, among other things, make the ministry difficult in this place. Our goal is to persevere in teaching His Word.  A few weeks back two girls that attend the Bible studies accepted Christ as their savior.

Students learning english using New Testament

In Tegucigalpa we have started an evangelistic outreach in a public school with over 300 students. Matthew, an American missionary, assisting us with Bible studies, along with other members of the local church are teaching English to students using New Testaments. At the end of a lesson, several children were confronted with the message of the Gospel. Some of them raised their hand expressing their desire to accept Christ as Savior. But, not only the children opened their hearts; a teacher also raised her hand and said a prayer accepting Christ as her only Savior. When we began this project, this same teacher showed certain opposition every time we opened the Bible to teach some spiritual principle during the English class.  Praise God that He worked in this lady’s heart!

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