Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Radio ministry and the development of churches in Honduras

Melvin and Carol are overseeing the radio ministry and the development of the churches established by Spanish World Ministries in Honduras. Ernesto Zelaya takes care of our data base and of supplying programs to the radio stations and assists with the teaching of God’s Word in different congregations. Radio ministry[…]

Honduras is considered as the most violent country in the world

While the world is considering Egypt, Lybia, Syria, or Iraq violent countries, the truth is that the most violent country in the world right now is located in Central America. From January to June of last year, about half of the homicides in Honduras were youth between 15 and 29,[…]

God is thriving His work in Honduras with the construction of a new temple

Melvin has continue overseeing the different minsitries that the Lord has opened in Honduras through Spanish World Ministries. With almost 150 radio stations airing the radio programs in Honduras, it becomes a priority to ensure that the stations are airing the programs. Therefore Melvin has been traveling through different regions[…]

Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya – October 2013

The Lord is blessing the different ministries under our responsibility. A radio listener from Costa Rica contacted us requesting evangelistic material. He says that his desire is to share Christ and to disciple some believers that recently came to the Lord in the church that he attends. The Lord allowed[…]

Ernesto Zelaya – May 2013

Supplying our programs to 140 stations in this country, plus others in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama, is not an easy task. For the last few years God has also opened up opportunities to reach people not only through radio, but through the establishment of congregations in places where there[…]

Ernesto Zelaya – 2012

Every month I am visiting the churches at El Renuevo and Tegucigalpita, and I praise Him because I can see how the Lord keeps supplying in different ways for the improvements of the buildings that the Lord has given us. At El Renuevo, along with some men that live in[…]

Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Ernesto has been playing an important role in our ministry in Honduras. Due the expansion of the radio ministry in this country, Ernesto must invest part of his time in the duplicating programs, printing labels for DVD’s,  and making sure that stations are receiving the programs on time. Thanks to[…]

Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Besides the expansion of the radio ministry, the Lord is blessing the pastoral work being developed in the four congregations under our responsibility. The hot weather, poor public transportation, and the constant presence of thieves on the dirt roads that lead to Tegucigalpita, among other things, make the ministry difficult[…]