Honduras is considered as the most violent country in the world

melvin proving programs
Melvin providing programs the director of a new station

While the world is considering Egypt, Lybia, Syria, or Iraq violent countries, the truth is that the most violent country in the world right now is located in Central America. From January to June of last year, about half of the homicides in Honduras were youth between 15 and 29, and over ninety percent were men. The drug cartels have infiltrated every institution of this country. About fifty percent are unemployed or underemployed, and sixty percent of the population lives in poverty. Under the reality of what is taking place in this country, it might seem impossible to be optimistic about a brighter and better future for the people in Honduras.

ernesto supplying programs
Ernesto supplying programs to a radio station

However, we are convinced that radio is an effective way to bring the message of true hope in Christ to thousands of people that are leaving in fear. Our Lord is blessing the efforts of our missionaries Melvin and Ernesto Zelaya as they constantly seek for new outlets to broadcast our programs. Within the last three months, six stations agreed to air the programs. Praise the Lord through over 150 radio stations broadcasting our programs 1,300 times per week. It means that thousands of people in this country have the opportunity to hear about the eternal gift of salvation in Christ, in moments where the violence and corruption, above other problems, are prevailing in this country.

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