Mexicans seem to be fed up with the reality of being living in a pervasive state of corruption and impunity

According to the Mexico’s National Statistics Institute, in 2013, the number of homicides was 22,703 and 1,633 kidnappings took place. Unfortunately, the things have not improved in this country. Just two months ago, a large group of students were heading out of the city of Iguala. Outside the city several members of this group came under fire by police and masked gunmen. By the end of the night, six people had been shot dead. Dozens of young men were seen being hauled off into police vans. No one has seen them since. The disappearance and presumed murder of forty three students from a rural teacher’s college on Sept. 26 has exposed the rising tide of drug-fueled violence plaguing the country. Mexicans seem to be fed up with the reality of being living in a pervasive state of corruption and impunity. At the same time, the lack of moral values is prevailing more and more in every aspect of the society in Mexico. It is in this context where as a ministry, our goal is assist the churches in Mexico in their task of proclaiming the message of salvation in Christ.

In the northern part of Mexico, our missionary Aland Guillen visited fifteen churches. These churches do not have the resources to sponsor the programs in local radio station, but certainly, they are finding in our programs an important resource to use them as an evangelistic tool. Besides visiting churches, David Franco is doing a terrific job coordinating with other missionaries the development of our App for smart devices, and their use over the Internet. Our App has been downloaded in over 1500 devices in Mexico and other countries in Latin America. Just couple of weeks ago a believer from Guadalajara sent the following message in regards to a program that she heard through our Facebook page: “These programs are representing an important blessing in my life. I am sharing them through my cell phone with other ladies from the church”. Please, pray that our programs would continue reaching hearts of those that are living in despair in Mexico.

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