México – Aland Guillén

México – Aland Guillén

Aland and Mayra Guillen – October 2013

Finding station directors willing to air our programs is a difficult task in Mexico. But the Lord has brought along a number of believers in different regions of the country that are sponsoring the programs in local radio stations. With the violence that prevails all over Mexico, it is encouraging[…]

Aland Guillen – May 2013

Aland contacted a pastor that has an extensive ministry in a prison in Torreon. Our programs are an important tool in this ministry since they are distributed on CD’s among the inmates. This pastor explained that the violence and the corruption inside jail are making the visits to the jail[…]

Aland Guillén – July 2012

During the first semester of this year I had the opportunity to visit 14 pastors. I also attended a pastors’ conference and I distributed 35 samples of our programs among leaders of different churches. Twelve pastors were asking about the purpose of our programs and how they can be used[…]

México – Aland & Mayra Guillén

¡Please pray for Mexico!  Despite the work done by the Guillens in visiting radio stations, attending pastors meetings locally and in other towns, explaining the effectiveness of radio to get the message out to people, giving out many samples of the programs, the attempts to air the broadcasts in some[…]

México – Aland Guillén

The drug cartels are everywhere in Mexico. The figures released by the government last January of 2011 showed that 34,612 people had been killed since December 2006, including suspected drug gang members, members of the security forces and those considered innocent bystanders. It is now estimated that some 40,000 people[…]