Pastors in Mexico are using audios as a tool to contribute to spiritual growth in their congregations


To have our programs aired in radio stations in Mexico remains a great challenge. At times it seems like an impossible task, but our missionary Aland Guillen continues promoting the programs among pastors and leaders of churches in different regions in the northern and central part of Mexico. Within the first part of the year fourteen pastors where visited. Although some of these pastors would consider the possibility to sponsor the programs in local radio stations, most of them are using the programs to develop Bible studies. Several pastors are distributing copies of the CD’s among the members of their churches to use them as an evangelistic tool. This takes place in moments when pastors are receiving threats by drug cartels or receive extortions by the organized crime. Our conviction is that the message of hope that is preached in each program, is reaching the hearts of many people in Mexico that are living in despair.

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