God is leading our missionary from Mexico to the ministry’s integration with new technology trends

David developing El Camino de la Vida App

As a ministry we have needed to keep up with the changes that are taking place with technology. At times it has seemed as something difficult to do due to the lack of funds and/or personal capable of helping with moving forward from the technological point of view. But the Lord in His sovereignty has always brought into this ministry the right people at the right time. David and Alejandra Franco joined Spanish World Ministries over three years ago. His desire was to increase the number of radio stations broadcasting our programs in the central area of Mexico. And for some time he established contact with different Christian leaders. But during these last years the Lord has been opening new opportunities to expand our ministry making use of technology, and David has the knowledge and the experience to develop new tools. Thus, for the last two years David has been coordinating all our Digital Media projects. Thanks to his extensive experience working as a programmer, systems analyst, project leader and project manager, he has been playing an important role in the creation of El Camino de la Vida App for smart devices. The main purposes in David’s responsibilities are the proclamation of the Gospel through digital media and to support for local Churches to develop their evangelistic duties through the Internet.

We are thankful to the Lord because as we develop new technological tools, the Lord has provided other missionaries to come along to work with David; Smaily and Rosanna (Dom. Rep.), Roberto Acuna (Paraguay), and Pedro Salces (Bolivia).

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