God is thriving His work in Honduras with the construction of a new temple

Melvin has continue overseeing the different minsitries that the Lord has opened in Honduras through Spanish World Ministries. With almost 150 radio stations airing the radio programs in Honduras, it becomes a priority to ensure that the stations are airing the programs. Therefore Melvin has been traveling through different regions to supply programs to radio stations and to confirm their broacasting. Within the first quarter of the year six new stations where visited and two of them agreed to air the programs. Ernesto is in charge of the duplication and distribuition of the programs, and also keeps updated the data base of radio stations transmitting the programs. He is also searching for new outlets for our programs. That was the case as he attended a Pastors’ conference where he had the opportunity to introduce our ministry to several pastors. As a result of sharing about our evangelistic programs, a pastor from the northeast of Honduras had interest in taking samples of the programs to a radio station located in Cuyamel, a small town located in the border of Guatemala.

Three churches are under the responsibility of Melvin and Ernesto. This includes not only the pastoral care, but also any other opportunity to have evangelistic outreaches, or receive construction teams from the U.S. or from members from the church in Tegucigalpa. Another important aspect is the training of leaders and the seminars for the believers in the rural congregations. At the churches in Casitas and El Renuevo, Melvin and Ernesto, along with other leaders, they provided Biblical training to men, women, children, and young people, during the first quarter of the year. We are thankful to the Lord because He has provided the resources to buy a land and to take the first steps for the contruction of a church en Tegucigalpa. For some time this church has been meeting in a school, but the Lord has provided some resources for the establishment of the church in El Tizatillo. While the construction is taking place, Ernesto and Melvin, along with other leaders, are having Bible studies with a family that leaves near the construction site.

As Melvin and Ernesto joined Spanish World Ministries several year ago, the intention was to increase the number of stations airing the message of the Gospel. In the process God has opened several other opportunities of ministry. We are thankful to the Lord because many lives have been impacted with the Gospel, and many others have been challenged to grow in their spiritial lives. That is the case with a family that has been attending the church in Tegucigalpa for over a year. Even though they are believers, they have been discovering charms and sorcery objects outside their house. They also have been receiving extorsion calls in their bussiness. These situations have lead them to have a more personal and closer relationship with the Lord. As with this family, different individuals and families are ministered with God’s Word through the ministry that Melvin and his family and Ernesto are developing in Honduras.

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