Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

Radio ministry and the development of churches in Honduras

Melvin and Carol are overseeing the radio ministry and the development of the churches established by Spanish World Ministries in Honduras. Ernesto Zelaya takes care of our data base and of supplying programs to the radio stations and assists with the teaching of God’s Word in different congregations. Radio ministry[…]

Honduras is considered as the most violent country in the world

While the world is considering Egypt, Lybia, Syria, or Iraq violent countries, the truth is that the most violent country in the world right now is located in Central America. From January to June of last year, about half of the homicides in Honduras were youth between 15 and 29,[…]

God is thriving His work in Honduras with the construction of a new temple

Melvin has continue overseeing the different minsitries that the Lord has opened in Honduras through Spanish World Ministries. With almost 150 radio stations airing the radio programs in Honduras, it becomes a priority to ensure that the stations are airing the programs. Therefore Melvin has been traveling through different regions[…]

Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya – October 2013

The Lord is blessing the different ministries under our responsibility. A radio listener from Costa Rica contacted us requesting evangelistic material. He says that his desire is to share Christ and to disciple some believers that recently came to the Lord in the church that he attends. The Lord allowed[…]

Melvin & Carol Zelaya – May 2013

God is blessing our constant efforts to increase the proclamation of the Gospel in Honduras. In the first part of this year more than ten radio stations have been visited for the first time, and eight of them accepted to air our programs. In addition, Melvin seeks to make our[…]

Melvin Zelaya – July 2012

I am thankful to the Lord for the ways He has been using our lives as a family in spite of difficult moments that we have faced this year. One of the hardest has been that four months ago my father passed away. My trust is that one day I[…]

Honduras – Melvin & Carol Zelaya

After studying for two years in a seminary in Honduras, this past December Melvin graduated with high honors. He is very dedicated servant and an effective leader in a ministry that is more varied than our direct involvement in other countries. Besides the radio ministry, right now Melvin is overseeing[…]

Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

I have visited over 40 stations that already transmit our programs to confirm that they are receiving the programs without any delay, and that they are broadcasting them. Most of the owners and directors of the stations expressed their appreciation for the programs.  In the town of Talanga, I met[…]