Dear friends:

Writing to the Romans, Paul mentions no less than 25 people whom he recognizes as fellow workers and participants in the Lord’s work (16:1-15). He makes similar references in other epistles. True, it is Christ who builds His church, but He does it through His disciples to whom He gave “The Great Commission.”

Florent & Dorothy Toirac

Throughout the centuries, the Lord has called believers to be His witnesses, serving together in collaboration with fellow workers. For over sixty years, Spanish World Ministries has proclaimed the Gospel through the efforts and commitment of God’s servants that have labored in unity and faithfulness. It began with Florent Toirac, who officially started what was initially the Spanish World Gospel Mission in 1960, along with his fellow workers of a newly formed Board of Directors and some financial and prayer supporters. Before that, Florent and his wife Dorothy had faithfully served in Haiti, France, and Spain. We thank God for their vision of ministry to the Spanish speaking world through radio, national missionaries, and printed materials.

Cornelius & Aida Rivera

In 1991, God used people and circumstances to call Cornelius Rivera to become the next Director of this ministry. His was an on-the-job training situation, learning and implementing different administrative aspects to move the ministry forward. A significant challenge was to make “The Way of Life” program (our 15-minute radio broadcast) an expositional presentation with an evangelistic appeal. While producing these broadcasts, it also became necessary to expand their distribution and at the same time, ensure the adequate supervision of the transmissions on the radio stations. Enter the national missionaries, who from that point on became the key distributing and supervising link in each country. For two decades, Cornelius traveled with his wife Aida to visit the missionaries and give Bible conferences while at the same time managing the administrative aspects of the ministry at headquarters. In 2006, he initiated the three-minute daily program, “Reflexión Para Hoy” (A Reflection for Today). In 2010, he stepped down from his position as Director but continues to serve through Spanish World Ministries, producing broadcasts, and giving Bible Conferences in collaboration with our missionaries in the different Latin American countries. He has written two Bible commentaries in Spanish, one on three of the Minor Prophets and another one on the book of Ruth. He teaches a course at the Seminary for Expository Preaching in Honduras and is currently assisting in transitioning to our new radio producer Rene Hurtado. The Riveras live in Florida. They have been faithful fellow workers through Spanish World Ministries for over three decades. Pray that the Lord would continue to use their lives.

Aland and Mayra Guillen


Two couples that served as faithful fellow workers for several years have reached their time for retirement. In 1989, Aland and Mayra Guillen were invited by the founder of this ministry to serve as missionaries in Mexico. They were involved in sending Bibles, Bible studies by correspondence, and other Christian materials to those radio listeners in Cuba that responded to our radio programs. Aland also invested time calling radio stations to introduce our programs and visited pastors to encourage churches to sponsor the programs on local stations. Unfortunately, the radio waves for the proclamation of the Gospel in Mexico have been extremely expensive and challenging due to the strong influence of the traditional religion. But despite the obstacles, thanks to Aland’s efforts, through the years, on and off, a few stations have agreed to our transmissions. Currently, 20 air the broadcasts.

Eduardo & Noreen Peirano


In 2004, Eduardo and Noreen Peirano accepted to represent Spanish World Ministries in Uruguay. Like Mexico, Uruguay has been a challenge for finding radio stations willing to broadcast our programs. But far from being discouraged, Eduardo has persisted in making our programs known in churches in his country’s capital and other regions. Although it is financially difficult for churches to sponsor the programs on radio stations, some use copies of the programs to evangelize friends, neighbors, and family. Some radio station owners and/or managers show a certain disdain when hearing the spiritual content of the programs. This is not surprising in a country considered to be the most secular in Latin America. Nevertheless, persistent prayer and effort have resulted in more than 30 radio stations currently transmitting the messages. We are thankful for the 32 years of service of the Guillens in Mexico and the 18 years of the Peiranos in Uruguay. Both couples have proved to be faithful fellow workers, and now that they have come into their retirement years, please pray that the Lord will continue to provide for them in every aspect of their lives.

Ariel and Yeanet Acosta


Ariel and Yeanet Acosta, from Uruguay, are no strangers to Spanish World Ministries. For several years Ariel has collaborated with us in matters relating to the internet. But now, he and Yeanet have officially joined the mission. Ariel will concentrate his efforts on seeking to increase the distribution of our broadcasts through additional radio stations, the use of our App, social media, and podcasts. He is also contacting pastors in different regions of Uruguay to maintain open avenues of cooperation with local churches in the gospel ministry.

Raul and Adriana Perazzo


Raul and Adriana Perazzo are from Argentina, but the Lord called them 22 years ago to establish radio BBN in Costa Rica. After leaving a new director in charge of the radio, Roberto planted a church and established a Bible Institute. Now they have also joined our ministry as our first missionary representatives in Costa Rica. Please pray that the Lord will open doors and that He will use these fellow workers to advance the communication of the Gospel in both countries.

Would you consider in prayer to become faithful fellow workers and supporters? This role is essential as we fulfill the Great Commission in the Spanish speaking countries. Through your donations, the Lord will provide for the production and distribution of our programs and the financial support of all our missionaries. You can Donate now. Thank you for consider in prayer this invitation.

In His love,

Daniel Sandoval