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Domingo is a faithful listener of our programs in Ollantaytambo, Peru. Our daily broadcasts help his spiritual growth.  When he was young, an accident left him blind.  For years he was confined to his house and was convinced that, through his faithfulness observing his religious traditions, he would please God. But when he started hearing our programs, the Holy Spirit began to work in his heart. One day he called the telephone number given at the program’s closing. In his conversation with our missionary Valentín, Domingo asked why his traditions were not giving him the assurance of a relationship with God. Valentin asked him if he could visit him, and a few days later, Valentin was able to explain to him, from the Bible, how believing in Christ and his sacrifice, would give him the assurance that he was seeking.  Having heard the words of eternal life, Domingo expressed his desire to learn more about Christ. For several weeks he continued to listen to our programs, until he was convinced that he needed to trust in the Lord Jesus. Valentin visited him for a second time, and Domingo told him about his decision to trust in the Lord. Valentin provided him with an audio Bible device.  Since there is no Christian church in the town where he lives, our programs and the audio Bible device that he received are the only tools for his spiritual growth. Instead of continuing in the traditions of men, Domingo now has the certainty of his salvation, having understood the message and believed the words of eternal life.


By means of the Internet, our programs are sent to thousands of people every day through WhatsApp. In the last three years, we have seen a constant increase in the number of plays of our programs. Making use of this means, Pedro Salces, our missionary in Bolivia, sends our daily devotional to approximately 900 people every morning. Cesar is one of the many contacts that receive the programs, and at the same time, he forwards them to a group of friends. This helps him to open spiritual conversations with people who do not know Christ. From the time that he has been sending the programs, some people have talked with him about their need for Christ. One such person is Carlos, Cesar’s old friend, who, not having any interest in spiritual matters, lived surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and a promiscuous lifestyle. This kind of life distanced him from some of his relatives, but listening to our programs, God’s word began to speak to his heart. If he didn’t receive the daily program, he would contact Cesar to ask why. He was coming to realize that his foolish lifestyle led him to a deep sense of emptiness. This led him to have a conversation with Cesar about his need of Christ. He accepted Him as his savior and was recently baptized.
The chart below reflects the increase in the number of plays through our App. From 80K in 2019 to more than 140K at the end of last year; a 75% increase in two years! In the first quarter of 2022, we already have 40,000 plays. We thank the Lord that He has graciously given us the privilege of being his witnesses to such a significant number of people in Latin America. Christ alone has words of eternal life, and there are still multitudes that need to hear those words. We desire to communicate them to as many people as possible in that part of the world.

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