Honduras – Melvin & Carol Zelaya

Melvin training Nixon, Harold and Ernesto

After studying for two years in a seminary in Honduras, this past December Melvin graduated with high honors. He is very dedicated servant and an effective leader in a ministry that is more varied than our direct involvement in other countries. Besides the radio ministry, right now Melvin is overseeing the work in four congregations, besides the church that he is pastoring in Tegucigalpa. As a result of these opportunities of ministry, Melvin has raised a group of men who will assist him in the pastoral duties. Nixon is a young man who received the Lord under Melvin’s ministry and whom he has also disciple. Now he is preaching in two rural congregations. Nixon, Harold (Melvin’s son) and Ernesto Melvin’s brother) among other five men are taking part in this training for leaders.

We praise the Lord as the distribution of our radio programs increased to 139 radio stations in 2011. By His grace 17 stations were added to our data base in Honduras. Melvin’s commitment to the expansion of the Gospel through radio leads him to search for more outlets. In December he traveled to three different regions and established contact with three new stations and supply programs to a station that already transmits them.

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