Honduras – Ernesto Zelaya

Ernesto has been playing an important role in our ministry in Honduras. Due the expansion of the radio ministry in this country, Ernesto must invest part of his time in the duplicating programs, printing labels for DVD’s,  and making sure that stations are receiving the programs on time. Thanks to his dedication 139 stations are transmitting the Gospel all over Honduras. He is also supply programs to stations in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. These countries add another 23 stations. As the Lord Provides the opportunity Ernesto also visits churches to share with believers the importance and the efficiency of transmitting the Gospel through radio.

Ernesto and Melvin Zelaya praying for Nixon who will be in charge of the church at El Renuevo

Just as in the case with his brother Melvin, Ernesto has also pastoral duties to fulfill at the congregations of El Renuevo, Tegucigalpita and Casitas. For three years, every week he has been traveling to the church at El Renuevo. This congregation has seen a tremendous increase in the number of believers that attend every weekend. Around 40 to people are growing in the knowledge of the Lord and Ernesto has been greatly used by the Lord. Beginning 2012, Nixon (one of the men that have been trained by Melvin) will be responsible for this congregation. Nevertheless Ernesto will continue overseeing this church.

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