Chile – Andrés Carrasco

Andrés giving a sample of our programs during a Seminary of comunitarian radio stations

Last year over 40 new stations accepted to air our programs. For the last couple of years our missionary Andrés has been heavily involved with the association of communitarian radio stations. Certainly he must spend certain time in meetings and conferences, but for him these times represent an excellent opportunity to introduce our programs to the owners of radio stations. At the same time, as a member of this association, he has access to the data base of radio station in the whole the country. From this base he can access the address, phone numbers, and names of radio stations. Eventually, as he travels, he visits personally the radio stations to introduce the programs. Between November and December he traveled to ten different regions of the country, and contacted 16 new radio stations. Four stations accepted the programs, and ten are pending to confirm the transmission of our materials. At the present the Gospel is proclaimed in Chile through 114 radio stations!

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